PROJECT : Her DIY Wedding Bouquet


You know, I'm not just a photographer. I like to dapple in several creative areas, actually...

In December, I had the opportunity to put my florist-designer skills (from when I worked at Brown's Garden Shoppe) into action once again.  A new friend and fellow photographer, Sarah, introduced me to her client and bride-to-be, Rachel.  When I heard about her quaint wedding, and my love for do-it-yourself projects, we immediately became friends and I offered to design her wedding bouquet.

While I would say I am nowhere close to being a professional in this area, I'm glad the bouquet turned out to be just what Rachel wanted. The flowers we used included pink roses and a few fillers from Fresh Market (a local grocery store), plus greenery and holly from a friend's backyard! Thanks to Sarah for hosting and documenting the process.

After I was done "cleaning" the roses - removing the thorns, guard petals, and any crushed leaves - I started assembling the bouquet. I held it near me to properly size and shape it. We also used wire to make "stems" to support the pine cone accents. The few extra flowers were used to create the flower girl's bouquet.

And of course, the lovely bride-to-be, Rachel, kept us company and told us all about the big day. I can't wait to share their sweet wedding with you all - soon!

Isn't it pretty? I mean, really, you don't have to do much to create a lovely bouquet for yourself (or for someone special). And with Valentine's Day right around the corner, surprise those you love with a little DIY, big or small.


--Tara M.