REBRANDING: My Long-Distance Valentine


"Love. We know it when we see it. We feel it and try to remember it. But, often, we struggle to put it into words..."

The new Pattengale Photography website (coming oh so soon) is filled with words like that. They've been ringing in my ears and directing my thoughts for the past week. Perhaps the Spotify playlist is getting the best of me. Or, dare I say, that venturing into love is just inexplicably deep. And beautifully thought provoking. There has been intense soul-searching as to why I am pursuing what I am. And I keep being led back to one thing over and over, 

"It's about you and those who will come after you..."

(Photos by two dear friends: Tori Watson & Echo Photography and my iPhone)

It's the week of Valentine's. And for me, it's both sweet and painful. Long distance forces you to treasure all that has been and dream of what is to come. The hugs can't be felt nor the heartbeats heard, but I'm grateful. It is through this lens I see and am informed of love.

"...just one picture can describe a story that even the best, creative communicator could never pen..." 

Stephen leads our relationship with strength and loves with tenderness. The nights I cry are often followed with a "good morning, beautiful." He challenges me to think and re-think. To smile more and worry less and find new outlets for creativity. The moments we experience together can't help but influence my work as a photographer. Because,

"I believe love compels us to be brave and that what we do matters."

"...I believe authenticity often reveals itself around a coffee table and that everyday moments are the ones to be celebrated..."

Those are the moments, those are the memories, we revel in and re-live over and over in our minds. Or at least I do. The soft touches & whispers coupled with the care-free & contagious sass we all feel when we are around those we love - I just can't get enough of it.  It's what I find myself thinking about while on the airplane or road. When I pack my bags and charge my camera for the trip, I know it's because soon, and very soon, a smile and a "Hi baby" is just a few hours away.

So as you celebrate this Valentine's Day, remember the little things. Because when you do, falling deeper in love results.

I can't wait to share more with you when the RELAUNCH goes live (and let's be honest, the countdown leading up to that)!!! As with anything I do, there's always a story behind it. And with Stephen playing such a massive role in helping me to be who I am today, it was only fitting to begin with this introduction...

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I'm off to writing a love letter...

--Tara M.