One of the things that I love about the holiday season is the way we all come together. We celebrate, eat, make things, watch movies, play games, and just spend time together. Today's post features a sweet family I had the privledge of meeting earlier this month.

Meet the Williams family: Duane, Angie, Josias, Amaya, Micah, and baby Ashlynn. As soon as I walked into their sweet home I knew this was going to be a special family to work with. The way Duane and Angie lead their children, speak with them, and care for them brings a smile to your face. They are so tender and loving - caring about the littlest childhood issues with genuine concern. They're the type of family you can't get enough of and I loved getting to know them!





Micah was quite fascinated when I asked him if he could see my eye through the camera....He nodded.

Apparently I said something funny and all three of them couldn't handle it....

After 13 years of marriage, and four kids later, Duane and Angie are still very much in love.

Aren't they the best?!


--Tara M.