Being a Midwest girl at heart, Richmond's unusual amount of snowfall this year has reminded me of home and the comfort that quiet winter days can bring. Most of the time I don't want to leave my reading chair and blanket, but then there's also the magic that can happen with a little snow, a gorgeous friend, and new, spontaneous ideas. 

Today's shoot features the lovely Kelsey - a dear friend and pharmacist by occupation. She is STUNNING, a fellow adventurer, an intense coffee lover, and has an authenticity that is simply refreshing. She was kind enough to let me style the shoot, including her hair, make-up, and clothing choice! Also, a BIG thank you to Sarah for letting me use her lenses while mine were being serviced!

Before make-up (I will have to do a shoot with this el natural look sometime!)...

And after...

And in case you're wondering, this is Kelsey's first EVER photo shoot - she killed it! Here are my favorites (which is basically every photo)!

Isn't she just fantastic? If you want to leave a little love for Kelsey maybe you can help convince her that she should model and say hullo more often!

|| Style with what you have - Flowers: Left over from her Valentine. Clothes: Mix of mine and hers. || Also, check out the other winter styled shoot for other simple DIY ideas!


--Tara M.