STYLED SHOOT : Miss Killeen


It might be hitting forty degrees today, but it snowed just a week ago! Last Tuesday, I posted a teaser of the gorgeous backdrop for a styled shoot in the snow! And yes, the little bits of falling snow made the shoot oh so magical.

Miss Killeen exceeded my expectations from the start. The very first look she gave me shocked me so much that I literally forgot to click the shutter - luckily I remembered for the rest of the time. Ha! I cannot wait do more fun, spontaneous shoots with her in the future and am so excited for what new twists on style we'll come up with together. Did I mention she dapples in fashion design on the side and has the cutest YouTube channel all about her international (and everyday) adventures?! Basically, this is one well-rounded girl to be around!

P.S. I saved my favorite for the end...

Am I the only one swooning over these? Killeen, you are absolutely gorgeous - even with random greens in your hair. Thank you for making the spontaneous and diy look so stunning!!!

I'd be much obliged if you'd leave some love for this dear friend (and if you want to help convince her to always be in front of my camera), I would be forever grateful.


--Tara M.