When a Photographer Meets Prospective Lawyers


All I knew was that I needed to dress up and couldn't acknowledge them during the rounds. I powered my phone off and sat on a wooden pew for basically two and half days. And let me tell you, I was instantly intrigued and amazed. You see, when you're dating a guy who's pursuing law you realize very quickly that there's a lot to learn. So when the opportunity came to watch Truman State's Mock Trial Team compete in the regional rounds, I was thrilled! Plus, a few extra days with my guy didn't hurt any...

At first, the team welcomed me because I was Stephen's girlfriend. However, by the end of the weekend, I left feeling like a personal friend. We shared laughs, card game wins and losses, Steak 'n Shake fries and milkshakes, and I even bombed a Snapchat or two.

[Truman State University A & B Mock Trial Teams: Left to right, starting with back row: Zach, Alec, Mason, Jordan, and Reese. Middle: Stephen, Kevin, Sage, Kyra and Grant. Front: Kody, John, Sophia, Maddie, and Dr. Smith]

These men and women are courageous, quick thinkers, and excellent communicators. And while the team didn't procure a slot in the championship rounds, they were recognized. Last weekend, Truman State walked away with experiences gained and an "Outstanding Attorney" award from Kody's performances. It could go unsaid, however, when one member succeeds the entire team has also succeeded.

You wouldn't think that when a photographer meets a group of prospective lawyers that there would be much in common. However, conceptually, there is. Each person has a story. And within that story are the elements that define us all - determination, failures, successes, creativity, hard work, and leadership. It is in these that we come together and can be continually inspired!

 I am grateful.


--Tara M.