Unassuming Bravery


Just start.
Just do the next thing.

The underlined words jumped out at me from that dear old book. Actually, it isn't an old book. But it's that type of beloved book you keep and reread over and over because it's life-giving and soul-renewing. It's called, "Let's All Be Brave." 

One day I'll probably get a tattoo with some phrase like that. But I digress.

You don't need to see an instagrammed picture of my journal & steaming coffee today. Although, that would be reality. There's no picture showing my cross-legged, hair blobbed self bent curiously over a journal I haven't written in for far too long. Let's be real, the last two entries dated September 23, 2016 and February 23, 2017. And then today. 

I just started. 

"There's something so incredibly intentional about writing - I'm at a loss for why I really don't do it more. A lack of habit, I suppose. 
There's really no other excuse. I don't need new goals, I need better habits. 

So, today...

Hullo, old journal. 
It's been a while."

Nothing fancy here. But there's something deep about it, you know?

There's no need for show.
What's needed are those deep breaths of simple joy. 

What is one simple, seemingly insignificant thing you can start afresh today? Purely because you want to. Do it for yourself.
And see what doors unlock & musings escape you. 

That my friend is unassuming bravery. 

Start. Do the next thing. 
We're all in this together. 

--Tara M