PORTRAITS : Blog Contest Winner, Rachel


It was back in October when this whole blogging adventure began - and that's exactly what I called it, an adventure. In that first post, I invited you on an adventure that promised prizes of a photo shoot & coffee on me. It's the little things, the things we can make spirited, celebrated or adventurous, that makes life that much more fulfilling, I think. There's beauty all around. Beauty to be treasured, noticed, and enjoyed. And I like to make that exploration, no matter how little or "normal" it seems, an adventure worth remembering. Perhaps that's why I'm a photographer...

But I digress. There's a lot that has happened between that first launch date and now,  but so far it's been super fun to have a "place" to share my loves and my work. Today, Rachel graces the blog as the winner of the contest (the first winner had to decline the offer after all) and boy, did we have fun! Rachel took my breath away, she is just so STUNNING!!!

And then Rachel has these sudden outbursts of laughter and personality...which I love.

We spent the afternoon in Leesburg, VA, and in between taking pictures, we explored some of the quaint shops there. Leesburg is such a darling town with shops on every side of the block and because we needed to warm up between shots, why NOT look around? In particular, Books & Other Found Things is one of Rachel's favorite places to visit. She is an avid reader and is inspired simply by the smell of books - old & new!

Coffee at Shoes Cup & Cork, an adorable cafe that was once a shoe repair shop, never felt so comforting and delicious after our shoot. Rachel was a trooper, had an adventure with me, and got her much deserved latte! We spent the rest of the evening drinking coffee, studying, hanging out with other friends, and enjoying each other's company.

I am so grateful for quality friends and everyone who reads and supports my life on this blog and beyond. Thank you!


--Tara M.