LIFESTYLE : Visting Raleigh, North Carolina


This past fall, a group of us Richmonders went south for a weekend with friends in Raleigh, North Carolina. Another dear friend, Lydia, also drove up from Atlanta to join the party.

Conversations till 1am in the kitchen, listening to the rain on the screened in porch, meeting and befriending a real chef (watch out, she'll be famous one day), letting Kiefer experience his favorite restaurants and pastry shops, touring the Historic Capitol Building, or studying at Nate's favorite coffee-shops were only a few of the many things we did together! Oh, and of course as many photo-ops as I was allowed...

Sola Coffee Cafe ---> So delicious! Loved the vibes of the whole experience, especially the little craft bizarre featuring local artists out on the patio. We spent all morning there studying and working.

Next, lunch! Kiefer was thrilled to introduce us to the incredible Joule Coffee. They are famous for "The Hangover" which is a delicious bowl of grits with bacon, sour cream, chives, cheese, and probably more. And in Kiefer's words, "I look forward to every weekend so I can get a Hangover!....wait...." Everything served was fantastic.

Just down the street from Joule Coffee was the Historic State Capitol.  It was completed in 1840 and many of the decor elements have been preserved with daily tours available! Fun fact, the Capitol cost more than three times the yearly general income of the state at that time.

Is it just me, or do I have crazy good looking friends?!

The following evening, Erin - our new found friend who also happens to be a chef - made us dinner. She refused to let us help, even with the chopping. I mean, she was way faster than any of us, but still! So as the aroma of freshly chopped basil and homemade pizza crust filled the air, we played music, chatted, welcomed Lydia to our group, played with the hamster, and worked on school or emails.

Truly, a remarkable and memorable weekend with friends! Big thanks to Kiefer and Nate for hosting us so, so well. To Erin, for the A-mazing food and new laughs. Lydia, for driving all the way from Atlanta to spend time with us crazies. And to Quin & Serena, for being fantastic road trip buddies, models, and fellow Richmonders.

And, just for kicks, here's our whole group! Thank you, random stranger who happened to be a photographer.


--Tara M.