Week[end] Motivation : New Things


With two months come and gone in this still relatively new year, I am still chipping away at my 2015 personal and business goals. These two months have been both thrilling and challenging. I've had several opportunities to learn from experts in the photography, news media, and business fields. Their expertise has been incredibly encouraging and the kick to keep going and to keep learning all I can. I'm grateful for a community of creatives supporting and pushing one another. We all need community, regardless of your career choice. Quite simply, it helps inspiration to thrive.

Also, NEW things are coming. Isn't that the general feeling with Spring, anyway? It's the fresh dose that warms those New Years resolutions into fruition. I'm so excited to have you peek into four particular things that, for me, have taken a new spin: artwork, writing, travel, and wearables.

--- Artwork. The adorably hand painted states (by the dearest Emma), are the finishing touches to my new inspiration wall above my desk. I hope to be sharing more about this said wall, my work space, some of my favorite things, and really just inspirational ideas and art.

--- Writing. I've noticed that productivity levels (and my mood) improve when I take a little time each day to unplug from my computer and work to just sit and write. It doesn't have to be long or in-depth, but it's a new challenge I've given myself. If nothing else, it can be a way of refocusing and dreaming again.

--- Travel.  I just love maps. I also love brainstorming new adventures and places to visit. It's kind of a stress reliever of sorts (kinda like reorganizing my closet, no seriously)! And actually, right now I'm on the road to Atlanta for the weekend - just for a fun meetup with a few dear friends. I hope to mark up my 2015 calendar with these new ideas and weekend excursions.

--- Wearables. Speaking of the weekend, this is probably what I'm MOST excited about!!! Friends, this March, I will be beginning a new series highlighting how I approach style with frugality and pack-a-bility (remember, I love traveling?!). I CANNOT wait to introduce it to you more in the coming weeks. Prepare yourself for a fresh start in your own style and chances to join in the story!

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Here's to a happy, happy weekend!


--Tara M.