WEEKEND WEAR : A Well Dressed 2015


I remember the day I hit "publish" on my first Weekend Wear post. I explained some of my quirks when it comes to fashion (like never repeating an outfit exactly the same) and my love for thrifted items. The fashion world has always been a source of inspiration to me and challenging myself with my own closet has been both overwhelming and incredibly fun. It meant a lot of changing in my car, applying lipstick in window reflections, overloading my trunk with bits and bobs, and writing out style combinations I needed to complete in one shoot. I've done a lot of growing stylistically this past year and it was quite nostalgic sorting through all the looks & places 2015 gave.

A big shout out to my friends (especially those who aren't "photographers") for making this blog series possible!
Looking at you Tori, Caroline, Sarah, Eliza, Stephen, Betsy, Erika, Zac, Morgan, Jessi, & Lauren.
Locations: Richmond, VA | York, ME | Seattle, WA | Old Town Alexandria, VA | Manitou Springs, CO | Lafayette, IN | Kansas City, MO |

I need your help for 2016 - what have you enjoyed seeing featured on Weekend Wear and what would you like to see in the future?

To see individual looks, check out my Facebook album, here...

Here's to another stylist year! Cheers!
--Tara M.