WEEKEND WEAR : Attending a Million Weddings This Summer? Here's What To Wear


Yesterday I had coffee with a new friend. All knowing laughs and nods were exchanged as she told me that every weekend has been filled with friends' weddings. Some she's in. Some she's attending as a guest. And it struck me: it's not just wedding industry professionals who are "booked" all the way through who knows when.

So I got thinking.
What DO you wear to a wedding if your attire isn't dictated by the bride?

Here's my go-to wedding guest look that is 1) lightweight for hot summer celebrations, and 2) consistent with my boho wardrobe fantasies (fantasies, because I'm trying to grow my wardrobe in this direction).

(Photos by Betsy, edited by me. Clothes styled by Eliza.)

As you know, my dear Eliza is taking over Weekend Wear for the next few weeks with her styling expertise. The past two Fridays I wore her clothes. Moving forward starting today, she's bringing her minimalist approach to my wardrobe.

If you've missed the last two weeks, get in the know here & here.

And P.S. pretty sure the Lincoln Memorial will make ANY outfit feel more high end with its marble beauty...

The Look: By now, most of us have at least one crop top.

Why not put it over a maxi and create a whole new look? Yeah, me too - hadn't thought of that until Liza laid it out for me.

And because this crop top is fancier in material, it doesn't take many accessories to dress it up (if your top is more casual, consider adding a statement necklace to make it more high end).

Add heels & lipstick.

Don't mind my odd hands. Or the fact that you don't TYPICALLY spin in circles on the reception dance floor. Instead, read: Look how airy & movement-friendly this style is!...


  • If it's an outdoor wedding, remember that stilettos aren't on friendly terms with soft grass. Bring an extra pair of shoes, just in case.
  • Sparkle earrings & a ring or two is all that's needed. Less is more. Plus, who wants to get awkward bracelet tan lines? No one.

Mix it up: Last summer I showed you that this maxi was actually a bridesmaid dress for a friend's wedding I was in. You can see the full dress (plain & simple) and a few ideas in wearing it for casual, summer style here!

You may also recognize this crop top from this look.


|| Maxi: Modcloth, on sale. Crop top & Heels: Hand-me-downs. Earrings: Gifted. Matte Lip Paint: Tarte via Ulta, with coupon. Location: Lincoln Memorial - Washington DC. ||

Share your wedding advice with me in the comments!
--Tara M.