WEEKEND WEAR : Baby, Bye. Bye. Bye.


I need to switch my autumn jazz to some pump-up-you-got-this music.

Okay, done.
Baby, Bye. Bye. Bye.
Time to get in the zone.

October, you've been interesting & amazing.
November, you look even more intimidating somehow.

So here's me, throwing it back to the 1990's a bit and embracing everything that life is throwing. Mainly, really happy things. But SO happy that it's overwhelming and I find myself sitting somewhere just spacing out, ha! Or rushing from here to there.

Intentionally taking time for myself & to slow down - you know, like fixing my hair because: it's the little things - could take the trophy of where I'm striving to get better at. It's amusing, to me, how my style is taking turns as much as my life is. You know?

(Photos by Betsy, edited by me)

Recently, fashion has looked like throwing on an easy sweater & cuffing whatever pants are clean.
Minimal jewelry & comfortable shoes.

But if I can be honest for a hot minute?
I really want to chuck my entire wardrobe & start clean.
Because that's not practical, I'm grateful for new combinations even so.
Isn't necessity the mother of creativity anyway?....

Mixing it up:
I'm rediscovering the power of a good chunky scarf again. Especially if it's in your favorite color! It automatically "ups" the outfit. And depending on your shoe combo, it can either make any style classier or casual. And sometimes, adding a "trendy," element (like the high-waist & faded jean or hightop), makes you feel just....so. cool.

That or just whip out your instagram feed. Boom.
Cool vibes errrywhere.

Further Change ups:
I recently found these boyfriend jeans at a thrift store. And while I like them as is, I think adding some distressing would make them better yeah?

If you have favorite boyfriend looks throw me a link in the comments??? I'd love you forever.

The Look - Boyfriend Jeans: Goodwill, 1/2 off (haha!) || Sweater & scarf: Gifted (H&M and Old Navy, I think) || B.O.C. Mary-Janes: Rackroom Shoes, Clearanced. || Hightops: Gifted by Bae. || Leather Belt: Thrifted. || Rings: Lou Lou's & thrifted. Location: Arlington, VA ||

Happy Friyay, friends!
--Tara M.