WEEKEND WEAR : Belts & Layers for Spring


For whatever reason, spring here in Richmond has taken its time. Maybe this weekend it's decided to stay. But with the temps still dipping down into the 30's and maybe 40's, I am skeptical. I think it goes without saying that most everybody is ready to ditch the winter pieces and embrace spring's warmer breezes and colors! Spring style can be tricky, however, in that it may be pleasant in the sun but chilly in the shade. Or, it's lovely outside and air conditioning forces that cardigan to still be a necessity. Either way, we can't throw those cute tank tops on just yet.

A couple of weeks ago I introduced one of my favorite sweaters and shared two different looks - casual and classy. Today, the same sweater works as that base piece and highlights some fun experimentation with belts and that needed layer for spring's chills.

(Photos taken by Sarah, edited by me)

A tip on belts: Have you ever found a belt that you absolutely love but it's way too big for you? I love tying my belts instead of always buckling them in the assigned notches. Especially if I'm wearing them on my natural waistline. Sure, it's important to get belts that fit around your hips but when the notches don't go small enough for your waist, don't give up - knot it. I have also been known to have my dad hammer notches into them, too...

Mix it up: Cardigans and jackets aren't the only things you may own that are long sleeved. I like to use button down shirts that can act as a sort of jacket one day and then an actual shirt another. This is particularly helpful when traveling. Add a new belt & accessories.

And in case you were wondering how I found a button down that is so long, yes, it's from the men's department again. Read about my thoughts and another favorite men's department shirt from last week, here.

So regardless of spring's fickle attitude towards temperatures or the woes of air conditioning, your style doesn't have to suffer. Add a shirt or a comfy cardigan and cinch it all in with a belt!

If you're not a belt person, think about the tailoring or stitching of the outermost layer. According to fashion icon Stacy London, no matter how curvy or straight you feel, finding your natural waistline and highlighting it in some way is almost always flattering.

Stylistically speaking, how have you coped with this spring weather? I'd love to hear your tips, tricks, and ideas for your take on spring fashion!

|| Sweater: Handed down. Cardigan: Gifted. Jeans: Old Navy - 20% off. Blue men's shirt: Goodwill. Mary Janes: Goodwill. Ankle boots: Old Navy - 20% off. Belts: Thrifted. Earrings & Bracelets: Gifted & thrifted. Gold Necklace: My mom's. ||

Happy weekend, friends!


--Tara M