WEEKEND WEAR : Bucket Listing With Bae


Fact #1: I've always had a THING for baseball players. 
Fact #2: Stephen wanted to pursue baseball before he felt led to explore a leadership opportunity at a summer camp instead. And guys, that camp? It's where we met each other. #itwasmeantobe

I've said it many times.
But I'll say it again:
Doing things - making time, space, energy - that keep you young & free...
it's mega important. 

Because I'm CONVINCED it renews creativity,
establishes deeper gratitude,
and keeps the gloom & doom mindsets away. 

(All photos via iPhone)

To me, that means continuing to be the fun,
spontaneous girl Stephen fell in love with.

To me, that means checking off Bucket List dreams
WITH the man I'm head over heels for. 

And ever since I was a little girl,
I've always wanted to eat a hotdog,
in a stadium,
at a major league baseball game. 

And since dating Stephen, that dream also morphed into seeing the Kansas City Royals play.

So when the Royals came to Busch Stadium to play against the St Louis Cardinals last night, you better believe we REPRESENTED. ^clearly I'm pumped!

...Especially the #hottiesforhosmer club. ;) 

But here's the thing, Frands:
Some dreams in life don't have to be huge.
They can be as simple as eating hotdogs.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have gotten my very own baseball player, a few polaroid momentos, and a really fun night burned into my memory (even though we didn't even win). Because it's moments like this that make all the cray of life a little sweeter, you know?

So what are some of your dreams? 
Summer is almost over, make it count. 

--> Tell me in the comments!

--Tara M

|| P.S. My Style: A cotton dress Stephen bought me from Urban Outfitters. It was the only "blue-ish" thing I really had that would keep me cool AND feeling cute at the same time! #win It's also the same dress I wore in our engagement photos: see here. ||