WEEKEND WEAR : Casual Summer Date Night


It has only been a recent development, probably within the last year, that I've found myself attracted to pieces that are just easy. I could be preaching to the choir here, but having staple pieces in your wardrobe is key to fast style. I mean, you can't go wrong with them! I'm finding this need to be true more and more as I travel (my most recent travels had me gone for 20 days, so outfit versatility was a must). And while I love getting super fancy for a night out on the town or a date, I also adore the casual-I-still-look-nice combinations. Especially for summer wear!

Behind the Scenes of this look: I only had time to put on a quick coat of mascara (I'm a fan of minimal & natural makeup in general), and style these combos on the spot -literally from the clothes thrown in the backseat of my car - before meeting up with my oh so talented friend, Erika, while I was back home in Indiana. So truly, I live what I write - I need style to be easy and fool proof not just for busy throw-it-together days, but also for the everyday! After all, I want to spend more time with friends, or my guy, than I do agonizing over what to wear. Who's with me?

(Photos by Erika, edited by me)

Take it up a notch: Obviously, this style is simple from the get-go. There's no  added clutter of bracelets, belts, or cardigans. You don't even have to have high-waisted pants (have you noticed that they're a favorite yet?) to tuck your shirt in without a belt. For my body build, however, I feel like it's a bit more flattering to bring emphasis back to my natural waist line. To take it up a notch, I added a simple button down and a gold clutch I recently found in my childhood dress-up trunk, and swapped the shoes!

Mix it up: Because I talk about belts so much and travel with so many (I should probably try to narrow it down...), I wanted to highlight just how big a difference such a small change can make! Below, I used a cheetah belt looped into a knot, a braided string belt for a bow, and a wide ribbon for a more classic approach.

|| High-waisted skinnies: Charlotte Rousse, on sale. White button tank: H&M, on sale. Cotton button down: Old Navy? Sandals & Flats: WalMart (shocking, I know!) with some gift money. Earrings: A grocery store, super cheap. Belts: Gifted & Thrifted. Clutch: From childhood dress up trunk. Ring: Handmade from a festival. ||

Have a beautiful weekend, friends!


--Tara M.