WEEKEND WEAR : Current Obsessions


It's been a while since I've done a proper Friday Introduction. There's been many a new face that have turned to new best friend statuses. And while today is much simpler in content, I prefer that each post be genuine, current, & just like a conversation over coffee with each other. So as of late, I may or may not have been obsessing over a few good things and you should know about 'em!...

  • I won an Instagram giveaway (that never happens to me, so you can imagine my excitement): A "Deeply Rooted" magazine copy
  • My new Anthro mug
  • Tarte Lip Paint- rocking my world so much. It goes on as a mousse and dries into a stain for longer wear! #Bless
  • Ponytails
  • The fact that I just ordered JAMES BAY concert tickets

I'm also crushing on jumpsuits & rompers and a more architectural approach to my photography lately. This week has been massively full - leaving me practically collapsing into bed each night. But I'm oh so excited for what is coming up (including a trip to KC to see my guy). Life man. It's lookin up. Happy weekending, friends!

--Tara M.