WEEKEND WEAR : Denim in Kansas City


Something happens when I travel. Particularly, when the guy is at the other side of the flight. My head whirls with details - work details I wasn't able to "prep" or do ahead of time, wonderings about adventures that will be had, and trying to remember what it feels like just to hold his hand kind of details.

It always works out. Even if I skip blogging one day (or two). But today, I'm back!

(Photos by Stephen, edited by me)

This trip to Kansas City entailed Stephen's first "official," photography lesson. We talked all about manual settings and naturally, I was his model. Its been refreshing & hilarious to see his perspective through the lens.

P.S. I'm trying something new: middle hair part.

The Look: After trying on several denim shirts at Anthropologie, I found this one at...Plato's Closet. Yes, you read that correctly. It is SO soft, can be worn buttoned or unbuttoned (big fan of the placket design), and seriously makes me giddy. Sorry in advance for possibly over posting this shirt.

And because this spring has been chillier than usual, layering up is always an option! Here, I added my DIY jacket. Additional vibes provided by Stephen via the necklace & Madewell bracelet. *wink

I love this simple, travel-friendly, style. And hey, I think soon enough I'll have a partner in crime who's a killer photographer, too. Don't you think? Happy Friday, everyone!

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|| Location: Kansas City, MO, near UMKC. Denim Shirt: Plato's Closet. Olive Tank: Burlington Rack, clearanced. Jacket: Goodwill & DIY. Black high waisted skinnies: H&M, on sale. Sandals: Walmart. Necklace: Etsy, gifted. Bracelet: Madewell, gifted. ||


--Tara M.