WEEKEND WEAR : Double Headers & Logs On The Side of The Road


"Let's go find out," he responded to my pointed finger and heart-eyed gasp.

There, just off the road, was some sort of tree logging company with gorgeous piles of goodness. **although, my little hipster self, was a little sad to see so many!

We were on our way to shoot a wedding in Charlottesville, VA.
And because we were going to arrive early,
there was time for a mini photo sesh for ourselves.

This weekend, David and I have a double header. I'm with him today and he's with me tomorrow. What was an unlikely combo has, in my opinion, become one heck of a dynamic duo.

No, we aren't married - duh, we are both happily taken.
And yes, we are pretty opposite. But that's what makes it so great.
He's a black tie wedding photographer. I'm the photographer for boho romantics.

Shop this look --> David || Button up: JCrew. Vest & Tie: Express Men. Chinos: Banana republic. Shoes: Aldo (one size larger to add comfy insoles). Me || Dress: H&M, on sale. Shoes: Can't remember. Location: Near Charlottesville, Virginia. ||

What does your weekend hold?

--Tara M.