WEEKEND WEAR : Easy Summer Style


For the longest time I've struggled with finding shorts that fit me correctly. And in general, I have a "fingertip" rule: shorts need to be at, or longer, than your fingertips. But then I measured my arms and, fun fact, my wingspan is abnormally longer than the entire length of my body. For most of society, the wingspan (fingertip to fingertip) is shorter than your height - strike one. Finding shorts that fit my waist size and compliment my leg length also proves mostly unfruitful - strike two. But today, Weekend Wear features an easy summer style that has saved me from strike three: The jean shorts.

(Photos by Erika, edited by me)

Jean shorts come in various washes, lengths, styles, and are obviously the summer version of those favorite pair of jeans. Do not mistake me in thinking that these were an easy find - I tried on at least ten pairs that didn't work until I found these beauties.

Easy summer staples: Jean shorts, a tank top, and another lightweight layer if you want! For this look, I added a cotton button up and a vintage necklace I found at a rummage sale. During the summer months, my hair is either huge or fairly flat despite it's natural bulk. Here, I just loosely braided it to the side and didn't add a hair tie. After all, summer is for easy breezy style, right?!

Ways to mix it up: Using these same pieces, I just tucked the shirt in and buttoned it up. You can do a look with no necklace for a carefree style. Or add the necklace back in for a put-together rendition. Just have fun. Play with accessories by adding a chunky, short necklace. Add wedge heels. Change nothing except adding in a fun lipstick color. The possibilities for summer are not only hassle-free, but pack well too! ;)

|| Jean Shorts: Kohls, on sale. Striped button up: Kohls, on sale. Olive tank: Burlington Brands, clearanced. Oxford flats: DSW with coupon. Jewelry & Watch: Rummage sale and gifted. ||

Here's to a happy Friday and weekend!


--Tara M.