WEEKEND WEAR : Finding Your Own Style & DIY Accomplishments


I won't lie, Weekend Wear has given me a great excuse to spend more time on Pinterest and reading fashion articles about curating personal style.

I've been having a lot of wardrobe conversations recently and, to be honest, I feel a bit scattered when I try to describe my own style. On one hand I'm all about that twirly skirt and adding layers. Then I switch to hipster and minimalistic. And then for just one hot minute I want to be that show stopper at the Oscars.  But then again, what about campfires and flannels? Does this mean I'm confused or just well rounded?

Either way, I like exploring trends and continuing to try new things. And for me, Pinterest and sites like The Everygirl help with keeping my inspiration fresh.

There's a great article from The Everygirl that outlines eight steps for finding your own personal style. Particularly, in response to the article's homework assignments, I know a few things for sure: I love olive green, creamy lace, and leather mixed together. Taylor Swift is a celebrity I identify with stylistically (I mean, her tunes are also on point!). And, I enjoy personalized or DIY pieces.

(Photos by Sarah, edited by me)

Taking those inspiration elements into account, I decided I wanted an olive green dress with pockets that I could shoot in. Easier said than done. So when a friend gave me this striped jersey fabric, I decided to make my own dress.

This dress has become a valued piece in my wardrobe. And I feel like it represents many aspects of my personal style - twirly, simple, clean cut, vintage-inspired, functional, and was a diy accomplishment.

Start your own inspiration board and share it with me in the comment section! What are you drawn to? When you wear an outfit and feel like a million bucks, why is that? Are you satisfied with your closet? If not, what would you change? I'd love to learn about how your personal style!

|| Dress: I made it with fabric from a friend and bought the thread and zipper from JoAnne's with a coupon. Sewing Pattern: Simplicity, 1875 H5. Belt: Thrifted. Bracelets and Earrings: Gifted. Shoes: Goodwill find. ||


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--Tara M.