WEEKEND WEAR : First Impression Basics


I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I'm probably not the only one who passes time by people watching. Especially in airports. Or the metro. Really, any place there are a bunch of people. And from what I've observed, what you wear says quite a bit about you. To an extent, it's all about those first impressions and the potential they hold in transforming the question from 'who are you?' to 'why haven't we been friends?' so quickly. And, according to Forbes, you have just seven seconds to make that happen.

So to kick off the Weekend Wear series, it's all about the basics. What do people see first and what does that say about you? Your shoes, coat, and purse/bag for example. You could be rocking the zip up hoodie and no one would know if it's masked under an adorable jacket (...I may or may not be guilty). I went a long time without one and now, after finding this gem online, I don't know why I ever waited.

(Photos by Sarah, edited by me)

I love the color of this coat and the way it makes me feel when I wear it. Plus, it's twirly...

Ways to mix it up: Because this coat has a high collar I can forget the scarf and add fun earrings! Also, I could remove the belt and use a different one. Jackets can become just as versatile as any other piece of clothing, so have fun with them!

It's okay to start with one thing and then build from there. Two other important accessories to note, however, are the shoes and purse. Shoes should be comfortable and appropriate for the setting (I have made that mistake more than I'd like to admit) and the purse serving as a helpful accessory.

Ways to mix it up: Adding a square scarf to your purse strap and changing it out occasionally helps freshen things up (tip from Caroline!).

|| The Coat: Dresslily.com - at 70% off. Be sure to find their sizing charts, as their garments run pretty small! The Shoes: Old Navy - with a 20% off coupon. The Purse: My mom gave it to me and the scarf was a thrift store find. Accessories: Spoon ring was made by my brother and earrings were a birthday gift ||

What's your favorite outerwear accessory? Happy weekend!


--Tara M