WEEKEND WEAR : Goodwill & Puppies


People have told me that my skirt is from Anthropology. And really, it makes me feel kind of rich and on cloud nine whenever I wear it. But can I tell you a secret? I found it at a Goodwill in Charlotte, North Carolina, last summer for $4. I just thought it was cute, had pockets, and was a fun silky fabric unlike any other skirt I owned. Today's Weekend Wear challenges the classic and goes a bit funky. Also, sometimes inspiration comes in the funniest of ways. I never thought of pairing this favorite green tank with the Anthro puppy skirt. That is, until both the skirt and the tank were in the laundry pile and happened to land on each other. Friends, creativity can hit any time and I just love this new combination!

(Photos by Erika, edited by me)

Why this works: Not everything in life needs to be matchy matchy. Give yourself a bit of freedom. Heck, toss clothes on the bed in a pile and see if colors/patterns/textures work afresh - much like my laundry basket! I only added big earrings because of the tank's bronze accents. I chose a neutral earring to keep the eye moving. Note: You could use bronze jewelry - but because my shoes had a gold buckle I could accent with a gold ring and gold based earrings.

Mix it up: I happened to be traveling when this shoot occurred and therefore didn't have my entire closet to choose from for a mix it up look. But because I love styling patterns together, I swapped in the striped button up. In general, I would tell you that patterns should be opposite (one bigger than the other), but I'm drawn to the "smallness" of these patterns. Somehow, it just works and adds interest - that second glance, if you will. I kept the belt simple, like the first style, and within the same color scheme as my shoes!

|| Skirt: Goodwill. Green tank: Kohls, on sale. Striped Button up: Kohls, clearanced. Leather belt: Thrifted. Sandals: Walmart. Earrings and ring: Gifted. ||

Happy Friday everyone! I'm off to another wedding - this time in Kansas! This bridesmaid role these past two weekends has been a nice change-up. After that, I'm headed to Colorado for the week. Yay for summer trips.


--Tara M.