WEEKEND WEAR : Guest Stylist Takeover, ElizaAnners - Tomboy Minimalism


If I were to confess something to you it would be this: the style I'm gravitating towards in my head doesn't always match my current budget. Or current wardrobe. Because of this, I've invited my dear friend & basically sister, Liza, to do a Weekend Wear TAKEOVER!

  • Week 1 & 2: I wear Eliza's clothes - considering it as a friendly, "hey, can I borrow that? (and secretly wish to never return them)." You'll hear directly from her with how's & why's. These outfits serve as inspiration for...
  • Weeks 3 - 5 or 6: I wear my clothes, styled by Liza. That coupled with more hilarious stylish nonsense & quips from her.
  • You can send in your wardrobe questions/comments below & we'll try to answer them!

(Photos by Betsy, edited by me. Clothes by Eliza)

"I’m sure it’s been mentioned before, but my family has hosted Tara for almost four years now, and I think the event of her moving in with us is what sparked my sudden realization that I was a complete DWEEB (shh I can say that about myself). I guess when it comes to fashion, I don’t have that much experience. I wore t-shirts and basketball shorts all the way up until high school, mainly because I had no clue what I was doing. I still don’t, really, but I like to think I’m slightly more style-conscious now...

I started watching what Tara wore and what type of clothes she liked. There was a transition period of about a year and a half, probably, where I tried to mimic her style exactly—which a) didn’t fit with my personality, and b) wasn’t how I wanted to present myself. But you have to start somewhere. After much experimentation, clothes purchased that I never wore, and the occasional morning where I changed outfits three times, I think I’ve finally figured out what I like: clean lines, simple silhouettes, and neutral colors.

"I would describe my style as chill and minimalist, with the occasional tomboy vibe. Most of my wardrobe is gray, black, or blue. I don’t wear loads of jewelry—rather, I have a few simple pieces that I like and wear on rotation. My one weakness is nerdy socks (currently I have Avengers, two pairs of Mario Bros, Masters of the Universe, Legend of Zelda, and Kingdom Hearts)...Tara doesn’t do this, so I digress.
The Look: I paired one of my favorite button-downs with basic black shorts and hightops. I love this shirt because a) button downs in summer! and b) polka dots are cool. Those were pretty much my reasons for buying it.
I’m a huge fan of the half or partial tuck, because it both gives definition to your waistline while also looking freaking rad AND making you look like you totally know what you’re doing. Even if you don’t.

When wearing short sleeve shirts like this, it’s critical to roll the sleeves up at least twice to fit the sleeve to your arm and look more polished. I accessorized with a bracelet party - because a necklace would have detracted from the shirt pattern. If you wanted to add a huge necklace, I totally support that. It’s just not my jam.

P.S. The middle hair part is my (Tara) new love...

Side note: I wear navy and black together all the time. They totally go together, pfft.

Finally, I’m a huge fan of any type of hightop or ankle boot shoe. Although it might be controversial, I always wear long socks and scrunch them down around the top of the shoe. It’s a little quirky, for sure, but it also gives more visual interest and doubles as an accessory if your socks are cool.

|| Black Shorts: H&M, on sale. Button down: Cotton On, on sale. Socks: Target, on sale. Hightops (Tara's): Gifted. Bracelets & Jewelry (Tara's): Thrifted. Location: Arlington, Virginia. ||

What do you think? Can I pull of this Tomboy style?
I'm kind of loving it...
...a lot.

--Tara M.