WEEKEND WEAR : Hipster & Olive


Olive green is just such a great color, you know? It's generally attributed to the fall tones and a richer color pallet, but I love pairing it with neutrals or brighter colors too! I know I'm biased as it is my favorite color. But let me tell you, these capris aren't my go-to bottoms. I don't exactly know why. Maybe because they have a "unique" cut to them, wrinkle fairly easily, or I always have to wear a belt with them (still in the to-fix pile). But obviously something was cool enough for me to make the purchase and whenever I do slip into them, I'm always so glad. They make me feel super hipster and spunky! Funny how that works, do you have any pieces like that?

(Photos by Sarah, edited by me)

These pants really are funky. For example, they have the deepest pockets. So much so they might just be the deepest ever sewn into women's clothing. The belt loops aren't evenly spaced and the waist is neither low rise or purposefully high. But they're soft, remind me of WW1 pantaloons style (so, vintage!), and something different than your everyday skinny.

Ways to Mix it Up: This change up is a little more subtle, but works oh so well for traveling - or when you're lazy and don't put your clothes away after each day - in avoiding repeating the exact outfit twice. As you may have noted throughout this series, I LOVE belts and when I travel, they have their very own pouch (yes, I take that many...)!  This black belt is actually just a long material belt that tapers at the ends. I square knot it (or at least try) over the belt loops and then tuck the ends in. For this look, I went from brown to black, bow to knot, and heels to flats.

Okay, so maybe this post convinced me to wear these bottoms more often. What do you think? Here's a challenge for you: Pick one item that's in your closet you may not immediately gravitate towards and wear it this week. Tell me about it and if you feel more confident wearing it again or if it should go in the goodwill pile. We all have those pieces. Here's to being grateful for what we do have and generous with what we don't wish to own anymore! Annnd go!

|| Olive capris: Kohls, clearnaced. Heels: Payless? Black Flats: Old Navy, on sale. Gray button up: Rummage. Bow belt: DIY from the bottom of a skirt. Knotted Belt: Rummage. Red purse: Rummage. Accessories: Gifted & Rummage. Photography: Sarah Kane. ||


--Tara M.