WEEKEND WEAR : I Can't Stop The Feeling & I Like The Way We Rock It || Kansas City, MO


"I got this feeling inside my bones
It goes electric, wavey when I turn it on
All through my city, all through my home
We're flying up, no ceiling, when we in our zone..."

GUYS. The weekend is here. And I can't stop the feeling it's givin' meeee.
Also. Why not include you into my world of the tunes going on as I type?
You're welcome.

Today is another fun glance into my recent Kansas City trip & the clothes swapping shoot I did with Rachel. You can see Part 1 from last week, here. Otherwise, here's some styling for your weekending adventures & iced latte needs!

The Look: Wearing the same cotton blouse and our own high-waisted skinnies, Rachel and I approached this combination similarly, while still maintaining her eye for classic & mine for casual.

I mixed in a new pattern through my purse and Rachel did so through her cheetah heels.

I'll be honest. I wasn't sure about the heels...

But I've said it before: Whatever you do, do it with confidence. And Rachel's model stances evidenced how she felt about the pairing.

Confession #2: When I saw it all together, it kinda made me jealous. She ROCKED those shoes. And I? I rocked my new ring.

|| Rachel -- Plaid Shirt: Gifted - originally from Urban Outfitters. Jeans: Tj Maxx. Heels & Belt: Thrifted. Sunglasses: Mine (Target). Watch: Walmart. Me --- Skinnies: Charlotte Rousse, on sale. Earrings, Purse, & Watch: Thrifted. Sandals: Walmart. Location: Kansas City, Missouri - Lee Summit. ||

I realize, for some of you, it may be quirky to share clothes.

But the point is this: No matter your style preferences, you can - more times than not - pull off the SAME clothes as your friend. Just differently. And honestly, this is a GREAT way to explore new styles with no money down!

The next time you go shopping, try on something you might not have otherwise. Or the item she demands you try on (because you should always shop with a trusted friend, duh). Exploring new styles is contagious.

And I
Can't stop the feeling
That gives...

Here's to the weekend!
--Tara M.