WEEKEND WEAR : In the Midst of Travels


I have successfully traveled and worked in Maine, Indiana, Virginia, Indiana again, and Illinois. Today I'm in Maryland for a wedding I'm in and next week I'll fly to Kansas for another wedding I'm honored to be a part of. The weeks have been full but fun. And today's Weekend Wear is just a glimpse into one day's outfit. How many of you knew that Fourth of July could treat you so well with ridiculous sales? Hullo $4 dresses, shirts, pants, etc! *Happy dance all around

(Photos by Stephen, edited by me)

I have seen these colored shoes on everyone else but wasn't sure if I could pull them off. It took a little convincing but now they're a new favorite and a great change-up from my normal (and quickly wearing out) flats! Because of all of the traveling I've done, I don't have a mix up of this outfit photographed, but with neutral pieces there's always something to switch out! So be creative! Also, I'm bringing on the braids and top knots (or in my case cinnamon roll buns - yay layers & curls) in this summer heat.

How's your summer style going? Catch any good sales?

|| High waist skinnies: NEW from H&M, on sale. Striped tank: Old Navy, clearanced. Watch: Given to me. Red kicks: Charlotte Russe, on sale. ||

I'm off to a wedding rehearsal! Happy weekend friends...


--Tara M.