WEEKEND WEAR [Indiana] : The Perfect Backyard Wedding Reception Dress


It's a big deal
deciding what to wear to your (winter) wedding rehearsal dinner.
It's a big deal
deciding what to wear to your (summer) wedding reception.

I wasn't one of those girls who had to have a white dress for the rehearsal / 2nd reception. But I did think it would be nice IF the style was a great one, felt beautiful, and worked within my budget.

Stephen and I had a destination wedding.
Meaning: It wasn't in either of our hometowns. 
So not all of our childhood friends or extended family could make it out - in the dead of February, mind you. 

Our alternative? 
A hometown wedding reception a few months later.
Which brings us to this weekend in Indiana. 

My rehearsal dress was a from Anthropologie, on sale. 

But this one? 
A hand-me-down from my friend Caroline. It's made it's appearance on Weekend Wear before (HERE), but it's still such a favorite and met all of the criteria for a summer, backyard wedding reception. 

I can't wait to share more about how the reception went,
but for now - I have to go plant flowers, style the deck, and catch up with my high school youth group leader.

AND, gratefully anticipate my HUSBAND'S arrival this evening. :) 

After all, the last time we were both here at my parents house, we were still Fiance status. 

Oh life,
how crazy you've been. 
How sweet you are.

Happy FriYAY! 
Hop over to the Insta and see behind-the-scenes prep & fun (@PattengalePhoto)

--Tara M