WEEKEND WEAR : Kansas City, Travel Edition Part 2


I've noticed a bit of a pattern in my thoughts and these Weekend Wear posts. Remember my quirk of not ever repeating an outfit twice? Well what about the ones that I create to feature on here? I have literally had to tell myself that just because I prepped the combination for the shoot and wear it for only a few minutes means I can wear it again when people will actually see me! Okay, I just needed to admit that.

If you missed last Friday's Weekend Wear post, catch up on part one of this Kansas City travel edition, before scrolling down! Today is part two with more cute mix and match options from that little carry on.

Also, I just loved the spots Caroline and I found in the River Market area of Kansas City. Apparently in the hipster community, this white wall is where everyone takes their selfies and couple pictures. So of course, I had to join in the #whitewallportraitz fun!

(Photos by Caroline, edited by me)

Mix it up: For all practical reasons with that chilly wind, I HAD to add the cardigan. Otherwise, you would see goose bumps in every photo! I also could have added a fun pair of tights and changed the shoes. Also, how adorable is this crop top a friend gave me?

Change it up: I love that this crop top is not too busy to mix with yet another subtle pattern! Any skinnies would work but, in staying with the color scheme, I packed my blue pin stripes & heels. I went for a bolder look with winged eyeliner & lipstick to contrast the lighter tones.

Mix & Match: Keep the skinnies and change the top altogether. Do you see how endless these possibilities are? I love it! Also, these shops are so adorable and historic. This little area boasts of fine dining, cafes, artisan made housewares and clothing, antiques from France, and basically anything else you need to be inspired!

So what do you think? Could you pack in a carry on for your next trip? I'm not sure if I'll do so every time, but I'm glad to know that I can if I really want to! And sometimes a girl just needs to know it's possible. What are some of your packing tips?

As a recap to this first Travel Edition of Weekend Wear, here's a look at these combos all together.

|| Dress: Forever 21, clearanced. Skirt: I made it. Skinnies: Old Navy, clearanced. Crop top: Given to me. Striped tank: Old Navy, clearanced. Blue cardigan: WalMart, clearanced. Tan cardigan: H&M with birthday money. Belts: Given to me, thrifted, & clearanced. Black flats: Can't remember, but they were on sale. Cream Oxfords: DSW with coupon, Heels: Payless? Earrings & Bracelets: Gifted and thrifted. Brown button earrings: I made them. Other earrings: Given to me. Gold necklace: From my guy. Gold spoon ring: My brother made it. Red lipstick: I won it from Mary Kay giveaway. ||

Happy weekend, friends!


--Tara M.