WEEKEND WEAR : Let the Good Times Roll


And so the weekend - a holiday weekend - is about to start. First Fridays. Live music. Sitting by the lake or walking the streets of downtown Kansas City. --> Just a few of the happenings that might be going down for me. What about you?

I'm not the type of girl who decks out in the Old Glory colors.
In fact, I prefer the subtle hints.
And because blue looks good on everyone, it's always my go to.

(Photos by Betsy, edited by me. Clothes styled by Eliza.)

If you've been following along the past few weeks, you know that Eliza has been my Weekend Wear guest stylist. She's brought a whole new fashion perspective & her witty advice has been priceless. If you've missed the previous weeks, keep scrolling!

Today is Eliza's final guest look.
And none other than highlighting menswear & hightops.

The look is unassuming & effortless. And in my opinion, perfect for that Fourth of July BBQ.

Tips from the girl herself:
The men’s department often offers similar pieces as the women's, but with much better pricing and quality. Take women’s button-downs for example: they’re either made of that floaty fabric stuff that soaks up sweat like a sponge and requires you to wear a tank top under (which, by the way, is my pet peeve), or they’re super expensive.

With men's shirts, however, the sleeves are longer.
No more wrist flashing.
They're comfortable.
And men’s sweaters? God’s gift to me. But I digress.

Let’s address shoes.

Disclaimer: I own entirely too many pairs.

But for me, shoes are what makes or breaks an outfit. You could have this sick, perfectly coordinated outfit, but if your shoes are crap, the whole vibe is ruined. 
Buy classic ones that you’ll reach for again and again before you buy another pair of gorgeous, but impractical heels or sandals that give you blisters.

Purchase quality shoes.
Don’t buy the el cheapo (thanks for the expression, Tara) pair that will wear out in two years.

In the end, I think, wear whatever makes you feel happy and like yourself. Don’t wear a floaty dress just because your best friend looks like a freaking bombshell in it if you don’t really like dresses.

Find style role models and figure out what you like about them and why, then apply those principles to your wardrobe. Fashion’s pretty much in the eye of the beholder, so wear what makes you happy and confident.

You do you, kid.

May your weekending be full of good fashion, good food, & good times.

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|| Tank top: H&M, on sale. Denim shirt: Menswear department, goodwill. Skinnies: H&M, on sale. Hightops: Gifted by Bae. Jewelry: Rummage sale & thrifted. Location: Washington DC. ||

--Tara M.