Weekend Wear: Madewell Meets Audrey for Valentine's Day


Madewell. It's just one word - with so many implications. One word that gets most of us swooning & dreaming. The company that believes fashion should be artful, cool, sexy, tomboy, unexpected, and effortless. But more than that, they encourage to everydaywell. If you haven't seen their Insta feed, stop now and follow!

Regardless if you have a beau for Valentine's Day, or if he's far away, I'm saying yet again this weekend - dress yourself! Because when you do anything seems possible. Am I right or am I right?

(Photos by Eliza, edited by me)

If I'm being honest, my ideal style is a mix of Madewell & Audrey Hepburn principles. After all, it was she who said, "I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick," Did I mention that Audrey's era of music is playing (thanks Pandora) as I type?

As I mentioned over the Christmas holidays, I'm not always a wear-this-holiday-color-boldly type of girl. Really, it depends on my mood. For this Valentine's Day, I'm experimenting with deeper tones & red - inspired from Madewell & Audrey. And while you've seen this dress (what you see as a skirt, today) here and here, I'm still feelin' it!

Mix it up: In keeping with the black & red - with hints of that carmel color - I swapped in my high-waisted skinnies & played with more red in the shoes. Either look is fun and subtly suitable for Valentine's Day fashion!

Experiment: Tights for jeans. Carmel belt & flower pattern for my grandma's ring. Red lips & red shoes.

|| Dress: Forever 21, clearanced. Maroon Sweater: Gifted (old navy). Hat, bracelet & earrings: Gifted, (Madewell). Necklace: Gifted, (etsy). Ring(s): My grandma's & H&M mid-rings, on sale. Tights: Gifted. Boots & belt: Rummage sale. Nail Polish: Wet N Wild black. Skinnies: H&M, on sale. Red Kicks: Charlotte Russe, on sale. Cardigan: Thrifted. ||

What are you planning on wearing this Valentine's Day weekend? Any fun plans?

Stay beautiful, my friends!
--Tara M.