Weekend Wear : Mixing Street With Corporate & A Touch of Boho || Bowood Farms - St Louis, Missouri


Bowood Farms:
House Plants meet couture. 
Lattes meet greenhouse seating.
It's an interesting & compelling mixture that I just can't get enough of.

And today's weekend wear is the mixture of styles I think we all have opportunity & need of day in and day out...

It's the idea of street style found in the city.
The corporate wear needed for, you know, the day job. 
And that touch of boho with a bit of spice for a date night and all those TGIF feels. 

(Photos by Jessica, edited by me)

Something corporate (the skirt) 
+ something comfy (the husband's shirt, knotted). 
Add a pattern (the purse).
Paired with an unexpected shoe (the hightops).

Oh and a house plant, duh (....no reason, really. Except to make life 10x happier).

Add a bit of spice (the strappy heel).
Up the boho (the poncho / bolero / vest thing).
Edge out the eyeliner a tad more.

Spray on a bit of perfume and knock him dead.
Or just feel extra fine with your group of girlfriends. ;)

P.S. Enjoy this last post of me with long hair...
I went drastic - think 8 inches. 

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|| Skirt: Goodwill - but it's from Talbots originally. Tee: The husband's closet, sleeves rolled up & knotted at my waist. Hightops: DSW, clearanced. Clutch: Target, $3 bin. Heels: DSW, clearanced. Poncho: Gifted. Location: Bowood Farms - Central West End, St Louis, Missouri. ||

We're off to Kansas City this weekend for an engagement session & family time.

Happy FriYAY!

--Tara M