WEEKEND WEAR : My Passion for Styling


When I enrolled into the Art program in college (with an emphasis in photography and two minors in graphic design and marketing), I wanted to pursue a career as a "Photo Stylist." You know, the person who styles whatever or whomever is being photographed. The blankets folded just so, those bright green apples in the bowl on the coffee table, and those mugs of hot chocolate steaming perfectly on that basket-weave tray that costs $200 from Pottery Barn...

And though I haven't pursued the Stylist path directly, it's still a part of me. Perhaps it's coming back. For now, all I know is that really enjoy paying attention to the details that make a photograph successful. And whenever I feel like I'm in a rut with personal style or lack gumption to edit another 1,000 images, I'll pull out a white board and begin arranging my favorite things. Please pardon me while I geek out over the potential a white board has...

It might sound crazy, but sometimes I just have to grab things that are similar in color, texture, and just plain complimentary in order to see new combinations, recharge, and test things out. So today, I'm giving you a peek into my life and how a little white board can pump up my fashion inspiration. I'll explain my thought process as you scroll, so maybe you can try it out sometime too!

I didn't even realize how my favorite earrings all have a wooden theme!!! Also, I love mixing raw textures with gold - in both interior decorating & fashion!

Often times we're attracted to items that actually correspond with our wardrobe tastes and we just haven't put two and two together. For me, it's journals - I cave and buy more expensive leather ones. Why? They're just way too pretty not too! Likewise, I gravitate towards shoes that have some type of leather on them...

Also, one way to find inspiration is to find an image you just really love. Look at the colors and see what you can do to pick pieces that correspond stylistically. With these Insta prints, I suddenly realized I had a purse with flowers on it, pink lipstick, gray nail polish, and small dangle earrings that are the same color as the cherry blossoms. Who knew?! 

I've often talked about finding your statement piece and letting that take the spotlight. These shorts are a great example. Of course you can make a super fun and colorful combination but I'm loving the vibes of light pink, nudes, and gold with that single pop of color!

Musing: I think we hide from trying things because we think we can't. Or that certain things are a waste of money. But if we zoom out, expressing yourself with what's in your closet is often just a mental game. And if I may give you permission: If it makes you feel beautiful, get it. Wear it. Carry it. So yes, yes I did buy a little bag that says, "This & That."

Switching over to a more urban influence: JUST LOOK AT THESE HIGH TOPS - a recent birthday gift from my guy. I can't wait to pair them with these (new-ish) print shorts. Again, bright lipstick with gray nails = perfection.

Someone asked me recently how many gold necklaces I have. And honestly, I have no idea. But for now, these are favorites because each represents places traveled, gifts from loved ones, or quite simply because I scored big time at a thrift store. ;)

Mix it up: Whenever you have a locket/charm necklace, consider taking the charm off and wearing just the plain gold strand. I even wear two or three at once for a layered look.

Before I did this shoot I was feeling like I had nothing to wear and emphatically exclaimed, "Everything I have is dumb!" Oh the fickleness of my emotions. The fact is, I was simply uninspired. But after choosing just a few pieces and pairing them with other cheery favorites (or a stem of greenery) made me reconsider. And I felt inspired yet again. Oh and hey, the inner stylist in me came out!

The next time you feel disgruntled with your fashion choices, consider laying out 10 (or less) of your favorite things on your bed. Start mix and matching and see what you come up with! After all, these are the types of things we pour over in magazines - your pieces can grace the cover of your mind and find new expression. :)

Happy Friday, friends!


--Tara M.