WEEKEND WEAR : No to Yoga Pants & Yes to Chips and Salsa


Just because I don't work in an out-of-the-house office, doesn't mean I don't occasionally enjoy pulling on a more structured jacket and feeling all girl-boss! I even have an emoji I use for girl boss days. But real talk, I have to make myself get dressed everyday (or most everyday). One of the biggest inside jokes within this entrepreneur industry is just being presentable on top with yoga pants on bottom! And while there may be some days I literally stay in my pj's all day, I find that I'm always more productive when I'm dressed and have a bit of makeup on! So here's to all you girls out there that need a little nudge...

Get. Dressed.

Weekend Wear Experiment: After organizing my closet (see my tips here), I realized I have several favorite pieces all in the same color families. So I thought it would be a fun change-up to have outfits inspired by color! Including combining the same colors (in just different shades) within the same outfit. Find items that match each other and get creative within those bounds, yeah? Again, need I remind you, simplify! You ready?

(Photos by Emily, edited by me)

Experiment: Boots & jacket match. Accessories compliment with their hues of golds & browns. Throw on a universal blouse and add heeled boots - boom. Done! You're ready for your to-do list.

[Oh, Madewell bracelets help too. Um, hullo Santa in the form of the best boyfriend ever!]

Mix it up: Have a client consultation / full day in the office and then want to grab chips & salsa before dinner (please, if you want I buddy, I'll join you!)? Let the high-low shirt speak for itself and just add a scarf & high tops. If you're feeling fancy, lipstick too!

Experiment: Green Scarf & blouse. Navy Purse & jeans. Brown purse & earring accents, too.

So simple. So easy! What are your favorite things to do after a day "in the office?" and what changes do you find yourself making to simply your wardrobe?

|| Olive high-low blouse: H&M, on sale with gift money. Loose Blazer: Rummage sale. Skinnies: Plato's Closet. Ankle Boots: Old Navy, on sale. Infinity Scarf: Christmas. Purse: Gifted. Bracelet: Madewell, gifted. Hightops: Gifted. Earrings: Rummage sale. Ring: My mom's. Notebook: Target. Location: Midlothian, VA - just outside of Richmond. ||

--Tara M.