WEEKEND WEAR : One Sweater, Two Looks


You know those sweaters that are just so comfortable you don't ever want to change out of them? It's probably long, maybe even one of those with batwing style sleeves, and is somehow both lightweight and warm. For this Weekend Wear look, this sweater is just that and is one of my go-to pieces for both casual and classier styles.

(Photos by Sarah, edited by me)

The Necklace: It's a real vintage zipper! I friend of mine made it for me by cutting the extra edges off on the zipper sides and stitching the top ends together.

Ways to mix it up: Add a layer and change the accessories. As a general rule, when you want to make an outfit classier or more professional, having up to three layers/items makes it feel more put together and complete. Adding heels and a patterned belt with the sweater tucked in could also take it up a notch!

Because this sweater is more loose in nature, it's important to add structure. If there are no lapels on the jacket you add, consider a chunkier necklace. In my case, I did the opposite. To balance the bulk of the lapels I pulled my hair back and accessorized with a watch and stud earrings.

One sweater, two entirely different combinations! I love pieces that are stylistically neutral - I call them base pieces - that allow me to spice them up depending on my needs or mood.

|| Sweater: Handed down. The Jacket: H&M or Kohls on clearance. Skinnies & Shoes: Old Navy - with 20% off coupon. Necklace & Stud earrings: Homemade & gifted to me. Ring & Watch: The ring is my mom's and after stealing my mom's watch for a while she gifted me with the same style for Christmas. ||

Happy Weekend!


--Tara M