Weekend Wear : Rainy Day Attempts + Floral Obsessions


With all this rain, rain, rain,
being inspired stylistically has been a real drag.
Because as much as I'd love to say rain is romantic & motivating,
I don't live in Portland.
East coast rain just doesn't seem as cool.
You know?

I know I've done this before, but it's true that Pinteresting some new style vibes when you're in a funk can be really happy. So, today, join me in the happy?

I've continued to clean out & organize my closet bit by bit. Maybe turning 24 did something to me that makes me boring. But, I'm noticing that my keep pile contains a lot of blue and earth tones.  They're my go-to, my wardrobe babies.

Looking back on a few styles from this spring/last fall has helped diagnose where I've been stylistically and where I want to go this fall. And instead of trying to always "be different from last year," I'm learning to just embrace what I like as, "I LIKE THIS," and settle within that. Regardless of if it was last year or this year or next year. You know?

I'm noticing a few patterns = hats, hats, hats, ripped jeans, and a new takes on floral patterns are on my style wishlist. I mean just look at my inspiration board! Clearly, I'm also obsessed with olive and caramel brown.

How do you deal with rainy weeks? Do you find yourself dressing up regardless or just doing yoga pants all day everyday? What kinds of styles are you drawn to this fall?

To view my entire fashion pinterest board, go here - @PattengalePhoto!

Happy Friyay, friends!
--Tara M