WEEKEND WEAR : Rebrand Headshots - Behind The Scenes || Richmond, VA


You know how it is. There's a special event coming up and you just stand there - staring at your closet. How in the world do you choose something that expresses all of who you are? Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic. But I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that some of those thoughts went through my head before my new Pattengale Photography brand photo shoot! The words from my designer & friend rang in my ears: "Everything that you do - it has to be Tara. Stop looking around. Be you."

Everything on my new website & brand has a story behind each detail and photograph you see. There has to be meaning or I'm not interested. The lovely Tori, of Tori Watson Photography, has not only been a lifelong friend (we grew up together), but also a massive supporter to me throughout this journey. So you can only imagine how my heart soared when she agreed to do my headshots. I didn't have to explain. She just knew.

Here's a look at some favorites you might not see on the website (choosing was so hard)...

(All photos by Tori Watson, edited by me. But also check out her post here!)

The inspiration: Olive green, bits of leather, a pop of something fun, & accessorizing with sentimental pieces (rings & necklace). Strong & historic architecture. Carefree yet thoughtful.

Mix it up: I kept with the same color palette but wanted to add variety to my play with greens & the vintage-inspired style. The olive shirt is actually a dress with a skirt over top (as you've seen me often do). I found the skirt at goodwill and re-hemmed it and added a "pintuck" for a bit of detail.

What can I say? We had a bit of fun and because this is a behind the scenes post...

I seriously couldn't feel more supported or loved than by Tori's ability to capture the fun, the quirky, and attempted-elegance sides of my personality! Be sure to check out her post and the new Pattengale Photography website for more!

|| Dress: Goodwill. Olive Cardigan: H&M, on sale. Tights: Gifted. Oxfords: Gifted. Necklace & Rings: Gifted from my guy and mom. Olive dress/shirt: H&M, on sale. Skirt: Goodwill. Mary Jane's: Rummage Sale. Lipstick: MaryKay. Location: Monument Avenue, Museum of Architecture & Design, Richmond, Virginia. Captured by: Tori Watson Photography ||

P.S. More behind the scenes stories & looks into the how and why of the Pattengale brand + blog updates coming soon!

--Tara M.