WEEKEND WEAR : Remaking that Awkward Jacket


There is much to do and it's on days like this that I'm grateful for a throw-together, carefree style. It may be piping hot in Richmond, but today I'm actually in Indiana and there's always a chilly breeze as summer takes its sweet time in coming. I probably should have packed that extra long sleeve shirt...

However, this Weekend Wear features one smart move I made in this round of packing: a lightweight jacket. But this jacket had humble beginnings. It was super ugly, but somehow had potential. Am I the only one who's been at a goodwill or thrift store, find something you love, but it's just kind of awkward? It kind of works, kind of doesn't and you don't quite know why you were attracted to it in the first place. Well last fall, I found this canvas jacket but it didn't have a draw string or elastic waist that it's square shape should have demanded. Also, the sleeves don't match the length of my arms. So I risked three dollars, sewed an elastic band into the lining myself, rolled up the sleeves for a cropped look, and it paid off! It's perfect for running errands and I love pairing it with loose, flowy tops for casual, everyday looks.

(Photos by Sarah, edited by me)

Thoughts to mix it up: Since this jacket emphasizes the waist line (thanks elastic!), I love pairing longer, tunic styles with it for a boho approach. However, you could also let the jacket be the longest piece, leave it unzipped, and tuck a shirt in. In this way, the waist is emphasized even more and for most women is the most flattering. Even if you have a waistline you don't think is appealing, consider cutting this area in half with a belt or high-waisted skirt to minimize and bring the eye to one focal point rather than what you may insecure about. Try things on. See what works and what doesn't. And hey, maybe you just need a little DIY to make it work.

As the days get busier, I hope you've found inspiration in a few of these carefree style ideas! I'm off to plan my grandma's birthday party, run errands, and decorate the venue - with this jacket in tow. Have a happy Friday everyone!

|| Jacket: Goodwill & diy. Skinnies: Old Navy, on sale. Sweater: Handed down. Locket: Rummage sale. Oxford shoes: Gifted. Bracelets & rings: Thrifted and gifted. Photography: Sarah. ||


--Tara M.