WEEKEND WEAR : Remember Why it Matters || The Fourth of July


Armloads of clothes have left the house for donation.
Journaling, out of a full heart of gratitude, is done now almost daily.
The winged eyeliner is just a millimeter more exaggerated.
Just because.

And a $20 thrifted film camera, 
that is apparently a bit more rare of a find than anticipated,
is piquing our curiosity immensely. 

(Photos by my Yoga friend, Jess. Edited by me)

I'm so grateful for new (to me), rad crop pants.
For overcast days, and understated - yet intentional - easy summer style.

The Weekend Look: 
Something striped,
something blue,
and of course a pop of red.

Because: hullo 'Merica.

I'm so grateful for long holidays weekends.
For out of town friends coming and continuing the relationship over the years & miles.

We'll be exploring state parks,
maybe the Fair at Forest Park (where the original World's Fair happened),
cliff jumping (ahem, Stephen - not ME),
eating hamburgers with big juicy tomato slices,
and probably playing with this film camera.

Sometimes you just need to let go and see:
there really is a lot of good.

A lot of possibility.
A lot of yummy. 

A lot of things to love & be grateful for.
Like a free country in which I am allowed to start & grow this little business of mine. 

So as you celebrate this weekend with friends & family,
don't lose sight of who you are,
what you love,
the why behind what you do, 
and the people that make it all worth it. 

This Weekend Wear Look --> || High wasted crop jean: The Avalon Exchange (consignment), on the Delmar Loop. Striped crop top: Cupshe.com, in lieu of bridesmaid robes for my wedding. Chuck Taylors: Gifted by Bae. Earrings: Walmart (I think). Camera: Pentax K 1000, thrift store. Location: Richmond Heights, St Louis. ||

To all those who are serving, have served, or part of a family that serves, thank you. Words don't do you, and your courageous sacrifice, justice. But, thank you.

Happy Fourth of July!

--Tara M