WEEKEND WEAR : Reusing That Bridesmaid Dress


I'm going on being in my seventh wedding this summer - as a bridesmaid that is. And while it's wonderful and always an honor, most of the time you're at the mercy of the Bride and her style preferences. I've worn the shiny satin tea-length, the etsy skirt, the David's Bridal design, etc. Have you ever seen the movie 27 dresses? It's not a favorite movie per se, but sometimes I feel like I'm beginning to relate. Am I complaining? Nope! Well, unless the dress is atrocious and I have to buy it. But, luckily, I've had some super stylish friends get married...

(Photos by Erika, edited by me)

My friend Hannah dated her guy, Luke, for about a year and once they knew they were going to marry each other, it didn't take long. As in, three weeks. It was a December wedding in the middle of a blizzard. A group of friends and I road-tripped from Virginia to Indiana through the night and became a team of wedding coordinators. I was the maid of honor, the florist, the photographer (I handed my camera off so I could walk down the aisle), the hair & make-up artist, and family liaison to name a few. Yet, it was a so fun! 

But back to the dress - an olive green maxi. Hannah wanted it to be strapless but "something you will be able to wear again!" It's so comfortable and while I don't wear strapless too often, it was definitely a fun change up! Today's Weekend Wear is all about reusing that bridesmaid dress. I realize, this one happens to be a bit more casual, but you get the idea.

First, let it stand out for itself and accessorize minimally.

Make it BoHo: Just like you would with any maxi dress (or skirt), put a shirt over it! Here, I stayed with the same soft jersey fabric and color tones. You can wear the shirt plain, or to add some interest, knot it just under the bust line or at the natural waist. And change the shoes!

During the shoot Erika suddenly looked across the street at a pull-behind camper and a beam of sunlight spotlighting the bumper. And we just couldn't resist. So, just for fun, here's a few more of this outfit combo next to an awesome camper!!! This time, I knotted the dress.

Mix it up: Don't have a t-shirt that works? Pair a button down with it instead. You can wear it long and belt it or keep with the trend of knotting it (just leave the last two buttons undone to give you "tails")!

|| Maxi Dress: Modcloth online, on sale. Heels: Payless? Oxfords: Gifted. Jersey T: Gifted. North Face sleeveless button down: Goodwill. Earrings & Bracelets: Gifted & thrifted. ||

1) Big shout out to Hannah for being so stylish and conscientious! 2) How many weddings have you been in? Any fashion tips?


--Tara M.