WEEKEND WEAR : Spring Cleaning & Crushes


Denim. Thea sandals. Crop skinnies (or with a flair if you so desire) rolled once. Chunky heeled sandals (a.k.a. the Warren sandal). Masculine button ups with feminine accessories. Hats and sailor blouses. Leather with bits of lace. Those are just a few spring 2016 trends I'm seeing pop up everywhere. And while there may be a dusting of snow on the ground today - only to melt by this afternoon thank the Lord - my eyes are on what's new and upNcoming.

Since Christmas, and my guy getting me my first ever Madewell pieces, I've been crushing hard. Guys, I even signed up for their newsletter just so I can look at all the pretty - I might even get a job there...retail wouldn't be that bad at Madewell, riiiiite? And their Instagram is no exception in being a huge source of inspiration to me. And possible root of sin in ma life because I want everything.

(All images are screenshots & Pinterest boards shown are mine)

I'm also crushin' on this adorable couple I came across: The New Darlings. Everything about them - from style, travels, & white spaces with pops of green plants, to their on point insta, brand awareness, and wall of hats - it's all contagious to me! You could say I've become a fan-girl not of tv shows but of lifestyles & curated feeds...

And as with any new season on the verge of peeping through, I think it's not only inspirational but also helpful, to renovate the Pinterest boards & take a hard look at our wardrobes again. Spring cleaning of the mind, if you will. I started this process by organizing my closet. And today, you're invited to join the Pinteresting party (@PattengalePhoto). Here's a glimpse of some of my recent pins!

I am seriously considering chopping some bangs into my spring style! What do you think?

...that pink blouse with the black skinnies and that scalloped skirt hem has me a hot mess over here!

What are some spring styles you could see yourself getting into this year? AND, who's feeds are you crushing on lately??? Share the inspo & love with me in the comments!

--Tara M.