WEEKEND WEAR : Straight Hair & Mustard Tights


It's not often that I straighten my curls. It takes a long time and if there's the least bit of moisture in the air a gnarly halo of single strands curling up appears around my head. That, or it's just big flatness. And while I love having curly hair, I do sometimes dream about those silky smooth tresses so many of you are blessed with! It's a fun way to mix up my everyday hair (though I can never get it perfectly straight like my hair stylist) and makes me feel a bit edgier in overall style.

(Photos by Tori, edited by me)

This look was inspired by the need to have something nice for meet ups and client consultations while remaining comfortable. I love mixing brown and black together and probably do it way too much. But, when in doubt, take your cues from the patterned piece - which in this case, highlights both colors!

Mix it up: You can make any outfit pop with that "element of surprise" in the midst of classic pieces. And these mustard tights do just that. I could have gone with black (or brown!) tights, but mustard not only speaks fall, it also speaks a bit of quirk. I also twisted and pinned my hair back and added lipstick. The big idea is to remain classy while having a bit of fun! Also note: whenever your blouse needs a layering tank, try to match the neckline style - a v-neck paired with a v-neck tank. It will help keep everything cohesive and non-distracting!

...yes, whenever I wear this skirt I give a few twirls - even if it's secretly in front of my bedroom mirror. Oh c'mon, you do it too!

Either look is perfect for a fun date night out on the town, coffee, or going to church! And before all the fall leaves disappear (and therefore my favorite season), I'm taking advantage of all the fun looks Richmond weather affords. What do you think? Do you have any fun "surprise" pieces in your wardrobe - tell me about them?!

|| Sheer top: Hand-me-down. Layering tank: Walmart. High-waisted Skinnies: H&M, on sale. Leather belt: Thrifted (from Florida). Black flats: Old Navy, on sale/with coupon. Skirt: Goodwill. Mustard tights: Gifted. Pumps: Kohls, on sale. Purse, Earrings & Rings: Gifted from my mom! ||

Happy Friday, friends!

--Tara M.