WEEKEND WEAR : Stylist Takeover Part 2 - For Your Monochromatic Needs


Did you know that, stylistically, June is supposed to be a neutral month? I heard that the other day from a stylist at Anthropologie. And now I feel like a boss because today is a NEUTRAL look. It's not my look, however. It's Eliza's. And she's back for Part 2 of lending her fashion wisdom AND clothes.

Pssst! If you missed last week and have no idea what I'm talking about, read here!

(Photos by Betsy, edited by me. Clothes by Eliza)

THE LOOK by Eliza: "Tara has finally caught on to my no-fail formula of an unbuttoned flannel or button-down over top (sleeves rolled up, of course) and gives me the raised eyebrow whenever she sees it, but whatever, y’know?

It’s layering, which is both practical & stylish and also very clean-lined & simple - rather than the vaguely hipster/retro/grandpa vibe of cardigans. Which, still, I am very not opposed to. Plus, because all my clothes are in the same color family, everything matches.
Ah, yes. My infamous taste for gray everything..."

"The gray striped tee is one of my all-time favorites from Everlane. It’s super soft and comfy and has a subtle high-low hemline that’s flattering. I paired it with an unbuttoned button-down (surprise surprise) that’s also gray and white striped, but the look works because the stripes are such different sizes. I typically wear black bottoms with a grey-on-grey-on-white ensemble because I’m a sucker for the monochromatic look."

"Simple accessories are key here, so the layering and mixing of metals is what’s interesting.

The turned-down boots were a bit of an experiment, but they’re quirky and a little off-kilter, and I’m quite fond of the look. They give off a slightly different vibe than the structured outfit, and I think the two elements compliment each other nicely.

Pfff, now I sound like I’m an interior decorator or something..."

"Bright lipstick also makes the occasional appearance, often to balance out a monochromatic or very minimalistic outfit."

I know I might have rolled my eyes in the past, but I'm becoming a BELIEVER in the button down like Eliza explained. It's comfortable and versatile. #winning!

NEXT WEEK: I'll be back in my own clothes but still having fun with Liza's expertise. In the meantime, what style questions do you have for this summer? Write me in the comments!

|| Shorts: H&M, on sale. Tee: Everlane. Button down: Old Navy, on sale. Black boots (Tara's): Rummage sale. Short Necklace (Eliza's): Forever 21, on sale. Long Necklace (Tara's): Etsy, gifted by Bae. Lip Paint: Tarte, via Ulta & a coupon. Location: Georgetown, VA. ||

--Tara M.