WEEKEND WEAR : Summer Styles That Makes You Feel Boss


Art murals & tribal prints.

Bystanders and those who want to model with you.
...No but seriously, that happened (keep scrolling).

Whenever I visit Washington DC, stopping by the Georgetown or Old Town is a must. There's always something new to see, discover, or taste. From the bustle of city buses to businessmen in suits & shoppers in keds mixing together in the crosswalks - contrasting summer vibes with adulting realities - there's a part of me that comes alive among it all.

(Photos by Betsy, edited by me. Clothes styled by Eliza)

I'm not sure how to describe this look, really.

Except that it is unbelievably comfortable, breathable (yay summers in the south), and to me, feels unassuming. There's enough going on in the tribal pattern that not much else is needed. And the hat & glasses make me feel like I'm a cool person. With lots of stories. And therefore, mysterious. Is that weird to say that about myself?

I don't think that it's a particularly true statement.
But in my mind's eye, you gotta let a girl dream.
Or lie to herself occasionally.

Yes. Yes he did...
Oh how I love humanity.

The accessories, per Eliza's directions, are "minimal yet interesting," & "edgy yet playful."

Mix it up: As much as I love a pop of color, I'm also becoming a massive (and possibly boring) fan of monochromatic styles. Perhaps this isn't new news to all of you. For me? It feels new because Liza styled my "same old" clothes into fresh combinations. Winning.

I switched up the jewelry by mixing in some silver. This is rare. But these particular rings & earrings have sentimental value from various travels that despite my purge of all silver, these survived.

Try this: Invite a friend over for coffee. Let them into your closet as you chat about summer styles (because what coffee date isn't complete without fashion ideas?!). Be bold. Ask them to pick out two outfits for you.

You're welcome.

Here's to a stylish weekend, friends!

I'm off to wedding venue touring (!!!) and then shooting a double header this weekend.

What does your weekending look like?

|| Shorts: H&M, on sale. Tribal shirt: Borrowed from Emma, who got it from Eliza. Black tank: Rummage sale. Shoes: Gifted. Sunglasses: Target. Hat: Madewell, gifted by Bae. Shell Earrings: Souvenir from Hawaii. Rings, earrings, & watch: Gifted. Location: Georgetown, Washington DC. ||

--Tara M.