WEEKEND WEAR : Taking Time for Myself, You Should To


Sometimes as a business owner, you can feel crazy.
And feel bad about taking personal time.
You know, for planning your own wedding n'such.

And here's the thing - My mom is in town (from Indiana) and we're going to have a blast doing all things wedding. Wedding registry. Meeting with my coordinator. And just plain dreaming with coffee in hand. The next 7 weeks, starting tomorrow, means wedding photography (which I'm so grateful for!) for me.

Today though. Today I'm wearing the dress I wore in Stephen's & my engagement session.

And I'm as happy as a lark.

What are you doing this weekend?

Do you have any dresses that just make you happy?!

P.S. I'll probably be over on Insta stories documenting my day with the Momma. Follow along @PattengalePhoto. ;)

--Tara M.