WEEKEND WEAR : That Awkward Moment When Autumn Flirts With Summer


I'm plunging into all the feels today. It should be fall.
I'm ready for it, you?
Burning a candle and having the "Warm Fuzzy Feelings" playlist on Spotify on repeat will do it to you.

All seems right in the world.

Yet, unfortunately, it's still a bit hot. Or a lot hot. To compensate, today's Weekend Wear look mingles those fall colors with the lengths & fabrics that keep you cool at the same time. Because although I want fall pronto, I think we could all agree that it's just not ready to say hi yet...

(Photos by Betsy, edited by me)

The Look: The skirt & olive tank are new summer purchases that I've been wearing nearly every week - their versatility in being casual or fancy have been big wins, alone! Not to mention that they are completely different than anything else in my closet.

Mix it up: Autumn colors are my favorite (and what I believe look best on me), so anytime I can incorporate those vibes into my summer wardrobe it's a win/win. And really helps me cope with the awkward, limbo stage of season changes!

P.S. Pretty sure all the buildings in Old Town are way too adorable & perfect backdrops for fashion photography, no?!

So who's with me? Are you ready for fall or are you still on the summer feels? What are your go-to fashion tips for this "in-between," season?

|| Skirt & Olive Tank: Kohls, clearanced. Blue Flats: Can't remember. Belt & Accessories: Thrifted & gifted. Copper, linen shirt & Boots: Goodwill & hand-me-down. Location: Old Town, Alexandria, VA ||

Happy Friyay!
--Tara M.