WEEKEND WEAR : That Favorite T-Shirt Maxi Skirt


Pretty sure I've benifitted wayyyy to much from friends mis-ordering online purchases. And instead of returning the item, they give it to me! Who even does that? Today's weekend wear features such an article and man, it's become a favorite - the t-shirt/jersey knit maxi skirt (thanks Sarah)! The only con is that if you're not careful you can quickly look...shall I say, Beyonce shaped? Even when you're not. Eep! Sometimes that can be good, but in general I opt for a longer layer (hehe)!...

(Photos by Betsy, edited by me)

The look: I love a good boho pairing - with everything being long and flowy. However, I wanted a few new ideas for incorporating my summer bargain croptop! And this skirt's super high waist design allows for just that. The key in pulling off a clingier skirt: Good posture (something I'm always working on) and then it's all about smoothing (underneath). Knowing what will shirt pairing will compliment your curves best also helps. Notice how at least one piece is patterned while everything else remains complimentary, but solid. And yes, you can wear both brown & black with navy now...

I love it when sudden bursts of creativity happen - here is Betsy's "artistic" shot!

Mix it up: It's becoming more and more difficult to go out on errands without a jacket (good grief, it IS November I guess). And since I'm usually cold, I don't mind adding a scarf as well! Because my croptop isn't too busy (a.k.a. has a repetitive pattern), introducing a whole new pattern is totally fine, too! Also, see how I remade this once-awkward-jacket here!

...it can get a little dramatic or silly on these shoots sometimes.

Today is such an easy look before the weather turns bitter cold. I love this maxi skirt for it's versatility and let's be honest, how it feels like I'm in yoga pants all day! Don't be afraid to mix up your patterned pieces and play with color a little, too.

|| Maxi Skirt: Gifted. Croptop: H&M, on sale. Cardigan: Hand-me-down, I think. Flats: Old Navy, on sale. Button Earrings: Homemade by me. Midrings: H&M, gifted. Scarf: Thrifted. Jacket: Rummage sale & remade by me. Location: Old Town, Alexandria, VA. ||

Happy weekend, friends!

--Tara M.