WEEKEND WEAR : The Mentee Became the Mentor | Women's Urban Style


I moved in when she was fifteen and noticed that she wore boys basketball shorts and t-shirts almost everyday. One day she told me she would never wear a skirt on her natural waistline, lipstick, or ever enjoy jewelry. But I kept pushing and hoping. Eliza is not only one of the few I can swap clothes with but is someone who has become that little sister to I've always wanted. I'm the youngest of my family (in Indiana), so getting this unique opportunity to live with a "host family" in Virginia for the past 3 years has been cool. And this past week, I helped move 'Liza into college. I didn't cry, but it was surreal to see that fifteen year old not be fifteen anymore...

We've painted our nails together and often stalked people's styles whenever we happened to be in big crowds. We continue to notice the man-buns and barber lines, the artsy and those who try - Richmond's style scene has a place for anyone, really. And move in day all this was ever more heightened! I've taught 'Liza the ways to wear a skirt or tie a belt, and how to fix our mutually curly and crazy hair. But recently, the mentee has become the mentor.  'Liza excels in her taste for urban wear and pulls it off effortlessly. She takes risks and has a killer following on her Pinterest. On Tuesday, we went out for toast and coffee one last time before move-in. And that day, we were twinsies...

(Photos by each of us respectively, edited by me)

Our styles were aimed towards comfort and our newest wardrobe go-to: The snapback. I've had mine for a while, but needed help with how to wear it and when. 'Liza wear hers like a boss!

Mix it up: Today it's easy to see how two people can approach the same type of style so differently! Our styles are fairly monochromatic with pops of color here and there (Liza's closet is much more consistent in this). Her shirt is a menswear department button down while mine gives more shape with the horizontal striped tank under the crop top. We both have watches & tennis shoes (notice I'm left handed and she's a rightie?).

Eliza. Ah! You're always killin' it!

Eliza's Style || Jeans: Pacsun, on sale. Button down: Menswear department at Goodwill. Snapback: H&M. Shoes: Old Navy, on sale. Watch: Her dad's. ||

My Style || Green skinnies: Thrifted. Striped tank: H&M, on sale. Crop Top: Old Navy, clearanced. Snapback: Gifted from my guy. Shoes: Charlotte Russe, on sale. Watch: Gifted. Mid-Rings: H&M, on sale. ||

Send Eliza some love if you would - she's beginning that college life! Also, isn't her style on point? Girl, you inspire me. Here's to a great next four years! Love you...


--Tara M