WEEKEND WEAR : The Necessity of James Bay & Heels


May I just be frank with you for a momento? Today with its rainy-ness makes me feel like this clock must be wrong. Because it's saying that it's 10:00am, but in my mind (and body), it must be just barely 7:00am. C'mon, I know you're picking up what I'm putting down. It's Friday and this week has been great, but tiring. It's that mix of those "I'm awesome," emotions and "Is it over yet?" vibes. So for those of you who are with me, here's some outfit inspiration so you don't have to even think today (or this weekend) about what to wear!...

(Photos by Peyton, edited by me)

The Look: Some of you have asked for more styles that up your "fancy" level, while remaining "carefree." And, to be honest, there are hundreds of combinations and options I could style for you. You just have to start with one item and build from there. I chose to go with this universal skirt as my base piece. I've traveled the country with this skirt, paired it with blazers & heels, as well as more of what you see today - perfect for client consultations, coffee with friends, or even a casual lunch date look.  So really, it's all about what you pair it with!

The Experiment & Mixing it up: The silk flower-patterned tank compliments the more structured, stiff skirt. And the presence of a belt & the thick straps of my sandals bring that sense of durability. These light, dangle earrings maintain a feminine vibe I always like to incorporate. So to transfer these concepts into an entirely new look, I swapped the pattern to be on bottom & structure to now be on top. Introducing a heel ups that "fancy" appeal and matches my watch & earring colors, too.

Side by side, notice that each style revolves around silky mixed with cotton, pattern mixed with muted solids.

|| Plum skirt: Thrifted. Tank: H&M, on sale. Belt: Thrifted. Sandals: Walmart, wait, really? Yes. Dangles & watch: gifted. Crop pants: H&M, with gift money. Gray button up: Hand-me down.. Heels: Payless. Stud Earrings: Hand Me Down. Rings: Gifted & Folk Festival finds. Location: Midlothian, VA. ||

A bit more alive now? I am. Perhaps it's the fact that is James Bay singing to me...
What vibes are you feeling today and for this weekend? Could you see yourself trying this style combination or general idea?

--Tara M.