WEEKEND WEAR : The Power of a Tunic


Sometimes you just need an easy outfit you can throw together for errands, feeling cute while you work, or going out for lunch in. Actually, I like easy outfits all the time. You know, the ones that are hassle-constant-adjusting-free styles. Friends! Embrace the power of a tunic...

(Photos by Sarah, edited by me)

How to approach the style of a tunic blouse: There are all kinds of body types out there. Which is a wonderful thing, to be honest. We all could buy basically the same shirt and it would always look different! The great thing about a long shirt is that for the long and lanky, it still covers the bum and can be cute with jeans or leggings. For the petite, try to find one that is above your knee and wear it as an easy dress! For those in the middle, you can make it work either way. So simple!

A classic approach: Long tunic, skinnies, short cardigan, dangle earrings, and pointed flats. For me, tunics chop my legs in half - which works for me. But if you don't want that look, unroll the skinnies to help the eye to keep moving down.

A Boho approach: Make everything long! Hair still worn down, high-low cardigan, and heels help keep the eye moving (even though I left the skinnies rolled up). This time, I swapped shorter dangle earrings to emphasize the high-low cardigan as the statement piece.

Don't be afraid: ...just try it sometime. Emphasize the waist by adding a belt, a ribbon tied in a bow, or a structured over layer. Or leave everything loose and add a long locket necklace. Tunics can be super classy or really care-free. In my book that makes it yet another staple for anyone's closet. 

|| Tunic: Kohls, 70% off. Skinnies: Old Navy, on sale. Coral Cardigan: Walmart, clearance. Blue flats: Target, on sale. Black heels: Kohls? Gift card. Black high-low cardigan: Handed down. Belt: Old Navy, clearance. Earrings: Gifted. Wire ring: Handmade and bought at a folk festival. Photography: Sarah. ||

What are your go-to easy pieces? It's been a great week, but I'm glad it's Friday! Happy weekend, friends!


--Tara M.